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News Take a how-to series on podcasting, free & online

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"Masterclass" producer had to create what she couldn't find
"Masterclass" podcast

Louisa Lim, a radio journalist at the BBC and NPR for the past 15 years, found very little to help her when she began a teaching career.

So she created it.

"The Masterclass" on podcasting is free on Soundcloud, with a new class coming out about every week. As Lim wrote on Poynter, she was "bewildered and confused at the lack of good resources" when she started teaching audio journalism at the University of Melbourne a year ago.

As she created the series, she said, she also heard great advice about doing journalism.

"One line I wish I’d heard much earlier in my career came from Natasha Mitchell, who hosts the 'Science Friction' show on Australia’s ABC: 'I simply refuse to be intimidated by complex information.  I love reading complex information and trying to figure it out, understand it. That’s kind of what you do.'”

And with "The Power of Audio," the first class in the series, it can make what journalists do even more effective.

Story published on 3/14/2018 ; last modified on  
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A free online class on podcasting is winning fans among students and professionals. Find out how it started, where it's going and how you can audit as many classes as you like.

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Take a how-to series on podcasting, free & online
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