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News Three students win Nickerson, Tilghman honors

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Brandon Holveck wins Nickerson award for journalistic excellence
Brandon Holveck

Brandon Holvck, executive editor of The Review next year, also hosts a sports show at 91.3 WVUD-FM, UD's campus-community radio station.

​Brandon Holveck, an award-winning student journalist who will be executive editor of The Review next year, has won the 2018 E.A. Nickerson Award for demonstrating "the highest standards of journalism."

Holveck, a senior majoring in Communications with minors in Journalism and English, won first place in sports writing, with Review sports editor Teddy Gelman, in the 2018 Delaware Press Association contest. The winning entry, "'Psychological warfare': Over 14-year career, fired volleyball coaches "operated on a platform of fear,''" also won first place in the national contest, run by the National Federation of Press Women.

The story appeared in the May 2, 2017, edition of The Review, UD'S independent student newspaper.

The DPA judges praised the in-depth look at complaints about two coaches in the volleyball program. "The reporters did an outstanding job getting so many former players to talk on the record about a difficult situation, typically the biggest challenge for any investigative piece," the judges said. "The fact that some of those voices stood up for the beleaguered coaches brought a sense of balance that helped shape the piece. Overall, this was a terrific, fearless article."

Holveck has worked across platforms, winning a first-place DPA award with Gelman for podcasts as part of their work on Blue Hen Sports Cage, a sports talk radio show on 91.3 WVUD FM Newark.

Brandon Holveck on the field with the Phillies.

Brandond Holveck on the field at Citizens Bank Park during a college media event in 2016.

"I am very honored to receive this recognition," Holveck said. "I have been fortunate to have received the guidance of many remarkable journalism and communication professors, including but not limited to Nancy Karibjanian, Dan Biddle, Deborah Howlett and McKay Jenkins, who have taught me the importance of the work journalists perform, in addition to fundamental news-gathering skills.

"I have also had the privilege of working with many talented student journalists, whose guidance, relentlessness and passion for delivering the news and stories of interest to the community have made me a better writer and reporter. 

"Although we would all love for our work to reach the masses, if a story I write or a podcast I produce touches, inspires or entertains just one person, it has served its purpose. With that said, we must always move forward. For every story we tell, there are many others that we miss. For every lesson we learn, there are many others that have yet to be told. As sports writer Wright Thompson once put it, 'The only story that exists is the next one.'"

The Nickerson award is named for Edward "Nick" NIckerson, one of the founders of the UD Journalism Program. When he retired from UD, he wrote that "despite all the flaws of journalism, printing the news is worthwhile, for the simple reason that knowledge is better than ignorance, openness better than secrecy and light better than darkness."

Review reporters Jacob Orledge, Katherine Nails win Tilghman award
Jacob Orledge, Katherine Nails

​Jacob Orledge and Katherine Nails, winners of 2018 Tilghman award.

Jacob Orledge, investigative editor for The Review, and Katherine Nails, a managing news editor for The Review next year, have won the 2018 C.A. Tilghman Sr. Journalistic Award.

​The Tilghman award, named for UD alumnus Cornelius Alfred Tilghman, is given to the two best articles or series of articles published by The Review. 

Orledge, who graduated this year, won for a series of stories on students living in hotels because their apartments, under construction by Lang Development Group, weren't ready when the 2017 fall semester began. Orledge, along with reporter Katherine Nails, chronicled the problems of more than 100 students who were still living in hotels more than a month after the first day of classes.

"I am honored to receive the C.A. Tilghman Journalistic Award alongside Katie Nails," Orledge said. "It has been a joy and a privilege to serve as investigative editor for The Review this past year. One of the great things about the job was that I was able to work with a great staff of hard-working reporters to hold the university and private businesses like Lang Development Group accountable for their actions — and to tell the stories of the students affected by them. 

"The journalism professors at the university are a tremendous resource for student journalists, and they deserve a special thanks for all their guidance. Professors Daniel Biddle and Deborah Howlett in particular have been an incredible help in our reporting this year, especially on the Lang story."

Katherine Nails at Review, Jacob Orledge

At left, Katherine Nails take a timeout in the Perkins stairwell leading to The Review. With her is Jack Beatson,  Lisa Ryan and at far right, Holly Claytor. At right, ​Jacob Orledge, then a freshman, shows off his award as the best delegate at New York University's Model United Nations Conference. Orledge represented a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council.

Nails, who also has served as assistant editor of the Mosaic features section, won for her series of stories about some of Newark's historical buildings, such as the Deer Park Tavern and the Newark Opera House. Nails also moderated The Review's podcast, The Review Rundown.

"It's a true honor to receive the C.A. Tilghman Sr. Journalistic Award," Nails said. "Reporting for The Review has been one of the most formative and positive experiences of my college career, and to have my work recognized by the university's journalism faculty, a group of individuals whom I admire and look up to, is incredibly meaningful. I am so grateful for their support and encouragement, as well as for my colleagues at The Review, who constantly challenge me and push me to improve. As one of next year's managing news editors, I hope to continue to carry out the high standards of journalism set by the faculty, my colleagues, and alumni like Mr. Tilghman."

Katherine Nails shares a primo spot in the stairwell leading to The Review's offices in Perkins Student Center. From left Jack Beatson,  Nals, Lisa Ryan, and Holly Claytor.

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​Winners of the 2018 C.A. Tilghman and E.A. Nickerson awards won honors for their stories in The Review, UD's independent student newspaper, and overall excellence.

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Three students win Nickerson, Tilghman honors
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