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Why Get An Internship?

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Answer: Because You Want A Job.

Working on a student publication is a great way to get started, but to get an actual paying job after graduation, most places want to see that you've done at least one internship. 

They want to see that you can produce, write, or edit on deadline.  They want to see that you can work with other people, and that you can behave professionally.   You should finish an internship with clips to show and an editor's recommendation. 

We can help you get an internship during fall, spring or summer, whether locally in Delaware or near your hometown.  We do not support winter internships, simply because we found they did not benefit students. 

Many publications require that you take internships for academic credit.  We walk you through that process on our academic credit page. Thanks to generous alumni and other friends of the program, we're also able to offer some stipends to support internships. You'll find those options on our stipend page.

All internships require students to have taken some journalism classes and to have clips, examples, etc. from the student newspaper/radio station/ TV outlet.  Here's a list of student media opportunities to get you started. 

One last piece of advice: Start getting internships now, not later.   Freshman may find it a bit tougher to land an internship because they simply haven't had much time to work for student publications, but your first year is an excellent time to begin scoping out the process.

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Why Get An Internship?
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Why Get An Internship?
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