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Lindsey Marie Bonistall scholarship

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For outstanding rising seniors

The Lindsey Marie Bonistall Memorial scholarship of $2,000-$3,000 honors Lindsey Bonistall, who was an English major with a journalism concentration at the university from 2003 until her death in 2005. The scholarship was established in 2005 through gifts from friends of the university who wished to honor Lindsey’s memory.

The scholarship is given to an outstanding rising senior in the journalism minor. If you'd like to be considered for the scholarship, send an email to Please put "Bonistall scholarship" in the subject line and offer a brief explanation of why you think you are deserving of the scholarship.

'It really lit her lamp when she got published' in the Review
Lindsey Marie Bonistall

Lindsey Marie Bonistall's plan to become a doctor changed when she discovered she loved to write, according to her father, Mark Bonistall.

When Lindsey Marie Bonistall arrived on the UD campus as a freshman, she had already achieved great success in her hometown of White Plains, New York.

She had been senior class president at Good Counsel Academy High School, captain of the soccer and track teams, a member of two cheerleading squads and a cheer instructor and a competitive diver, her mother told The Review in 2005.

"Anything she decided she wanted to do, she did,  and she put her whole heart and soul in it and did it well," said Kathleen Bonistall.

Lindsey Marie died when she was a sophomore, murdered in her off-campus apartment by a man who is now serving a life sentence.

The Bonistall family launched PEACE OUTside Campus, the Lindsey Marie Bonistall Foundation in 2005.

The foundation promotes peaceful and safe living environments in college communities. As an advocate for student safety, the foundation offers outreach programs and resources to empower students and their families to be more proactive in safeguarding themselves against crime.

Peace OUTside Campus initiated the Lindsey M. Bonistall Research Fellowship in 2017 to focus on college campus violence against woman, further identify high risk populations and explore campus attitudes toward sexual violence.

The foundation's name comes from Lindsey’s favorite sign off: Peace Out.

Mark Bonistall, Lindsey's father, told The Review that she switched her major from biology to English when she discovered her love of writing.

"She just flip-flopped her major and was full-steam ahead with journalism," he said. "It really lit up her lamp when she got published" in The Review.

A writer, artist and poet
Lindsey Bonistall's artwork

Lindsey's family celebrates her talents on the foundation website in a section that includes her art and poetry.

One page urges everyone to do something "'Lindsey-esque' like play the guitar, draw a portrait, or do a back flip." In addition to several safety tips, the list includes a very Lindsey-esque attribute:

"Be a friend, even to a stranger in need."

My Wings
Lindsey Marie Bonistall
I want to fly up to the clouds,

And never look back on the earth.

I've hidden my wings for quite some time,

And they are anxious to flutter.

And when I unfurl my magnificent wings,

Those mere mortals' mouths will drop.

For none of them will ever see,

The treetops I pass,

The clouds I walk on,

The shooting stars I catch.

And though many have some wings,

They never get to fly.

A fear of heights or falling down,

Keeps them from the sky.

And many think their wings are strong,

And they think that will fly too,

But when they spread their arms toward heaven,

An earthly anchor holds them back.

I want to show the world my wings,

To show them I can fly.

And one day soon they will see me,

Many miles high in the sky.

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