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Curriculum requirements

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​The Journalism minor is open to any and all majors at the University of Delaware.  Students do not need to major in Communications or English to minor in Journalism. Coursework in the minor must include at least two courses outside a student's major. You can declare Journalism as a minor at any time during your academic career.  We encourage you to declare as early as possible to take advantage of classes that have seats reserved for Journalism minors.

Note that the university requires a grade of  C- or better in all courses in a student's major or minor. 

Also note No. 1 at the bottom of this page: Coursework in the minor must include at least two courses outside a student’s major field.

Required & Elective Courses


​JOUR 301
Journalism in a Free Society:  (Prerequisite: ENGL 110. Students need to earn a grade of "B" or higher in ENGL 110 before taking JOUR 301. Note: JOUR 301 is a prerequisite for JOUR 425.)

One of the following courses:

​ENGL 307

News Writing and Editing:  (Prerequisite: ENGL 110. Note: ENGL 307 is a prerequisite for several ENGL courses listed below: 308, 309, 310, 407, and 408.)

​COMM 329
Broadcast Newswriting  (No prerequisite)

One of the following courses:

​ENGL 308

Reporter's Practicum  (Prerequisite: ENGL 307)

COMM 326

Field Television Production (No prerequisite)

Three of the following courses:

Introduction to Communication Research Methods. (Prerequisite: COMM 256, or COMM 245 or COMM 330. Not open to freshmen.)

COMM 245

Media and Society (No prerequisite)


Politics and the Media  (No prerequisite)


Legal Issues of the Mass Media  (No prerequisite)

COMM 418

Topics in Mass Communication  (No prerequisite)


Advanced Topics in Politics and Broadcast Journalism  (COMM 324 suggested prerequisite)

COMM 427

Broadcast News  (No prerequisite)

ECON 100

Economic Issues and Policies  (No prerequisite.  May not be taken for credit after taking ECON 101 or 103.  No majors within Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Finance, HRIM or MIS may receive credit for this course.  See Note #2 below.)

ECON 101
Introduction to Microeconomics: Supply and demand concepts, issues such as government regulation and environmental problems. (Prerequisite or corequisite: One of the following: MATH 114, 115, 117, 221, 241, 242, 243.)ENGL 309Feature and Magazine Writing  (Prerequisite: ENGL 307 or permission of instructor)

ENGL 406

Nonfiction Workshop  (Prerequisite: ENGL 305 or 309 or permission of instructor)

ENGL 407

Investigative Reporting  (Prerequisite: ENGL 307)

ENGL 408

Sports Writing  (Prerequisite: ENGL 307 or permission of instructor)

ENGL 409

Topics in Journalism (Prerequisite: ENGL 110.  May be taken twice; see Note #3 below)

JOUR 311

Multimedia Journalism  (No prerequisite.  Open to JOUR minors only.)

ENGL 416
Designing online information

JOUR 425

​Ethics and Issues in Journalism  (Prerequisite JOUR 301)

JOUR 464

​Internship in Journalism  (No Prerequisite)

Important requirement notes

  1. Coursework in the minor must include at least two courses outside a student’s major field.
  2. Journalism minor candidates may count either ECON 100 or ECON 101 towards the Journalism minor, but not both.
  3. ENGL 409 (Topics in Journalism) may be counted toward the minor a maximum of two times.
  4. Other journalism-related courses may count toward the minor, subject to the approval of the director of the minor.

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Curriculum requirements
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